Event Report: Muslim Friendly Bonenkai 2017 Party at 3te’ Cafe’ in Osaka

muslim friendly bonenkai party 2017

How was this year, 2017, to you?
This time, KAN-MUS (the Kansai Association of Business Promotion for Muslim), CONVI LLC and PT.OHM held the Muslim friendly Bonenkai 2017 at the 3te’ Cafe’ restaurant in Osaka. The restaurant is located in the Shinsaibashi area, the center part of Osaka city.

The restaurant wanted not only vegetarians to enjoy the menu but also Muslims, so they created a Muslim friendly menu at the start of the summer of 2017.

Many Muslims and non-Muslims participated in the event.

3te' Cafe' Muslim Friendly Bonenkai 2017



Muslim Friendly Menu

3te' Cafe' Muslim Friendly Bonenkai 2017Mr. Minamisako, an owner of the restaurant, used all his skills in making these Muslim friendly dishes.
3te’ Cafe’ is certified by the Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association, so brings out the best qualities of a variety of vegetables.


3te' Cafe' Muslim Friendly Bonenkai 2017


Some slices of bread with strawberry jam

Bread with strawberry jam

Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken)with Chili Mayonnaise is very popular dish in the restaurant. Very crispy and tasty! It’s a must-eat dish!

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

Very colorful gyudon, a bowl of rice topped with beef.

Very colorful gyudon, a bowl of rice topped with beef.


Oh my god! It was amazing! Mr. Minamisako prepared Halal Kobe beef for us. Thank you very much!

Halal Kobe beef dice steak

Halal Kobe beef dice steak

Dessert: Matcha cakes

Dessert: Matcha cakes

Wow! Very beautiful!!

3te' Cafe' Muslim Friendly Bonenkai 2017


Eating Time

Everyone enjoyed eating these very delicious dishes.



We held some games to liven up the party.

First game was a question game.

The rule was that Muslim and non-Muslim ask each other any questions.

There were various questions. The below picture is an example. Very interesting!

What should I do to get a Japanese girlfriend?

Second game was a bingo game. There were some gifts, so the game heated up from the middle.

Everyone had a fun time.



Mr. Minamisako

Mr. Minamisako, the owner

Mr. Minamisako said that he was very happy because many Muslims come to his restaurant. He will strive to do his best for their smiles.


The speech of Mr. Nabeshima, the CEO of COVI LLC, crowned the event.

Mr. Nameshima, CEO of CONVI LLC 


KAN-MUS will continue to hold an event similar to this one to strengthen the relationship between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities in Japan.

We appreciate that they participated in the event. Thank you very much.

Have a happy New Year!!